Conditions of refund

We guarantee you refund if a service paid by you is not provided.

The funds remitted in consideration for a service will be credited to your account as deposit and you will see this in your user account. The deposited funds will be debited only after the relevant service has been provided based on your acknowledgment of work acceptance. You will have 10 days to either accept the relevant work or file a substantiated claim in connection with the poor quality of work completed.
I.e. if you confirm that the service has been provided and execute the appropriate work completion certificate, then your funds will be automatically debited from your deposit account and remitted to the relevant contractor.
If you believe that the contractor has failed to handle your task, please report this to us by contacting our support desk. In the event that a claim is received in connection with a service which has been improperly provided, the Site Administration shall, within three business days, consider it and make a decision on whether to make a refund or not.
In the event that any services have not been provided in full, then, subject to prior consultation with you, the relevant professional's fee will be paid in part and you will decide on whether the balance of your funds will remain in your user account or be remitted to your bank account from which it was paid.
Please note: that if you fail to notify us of a service which has been provided improperly within 10 days after the relevant contractor delivers the completed work to you, the service shall be deemed to be completed in full and the relevant amount shall be charged to your deposit.