This Procedure constitutes an invitation to make offers for all visitors of the website whose domain name is IBFS.WORLD affording the opportunity to enter into service contracts between the offeror and offeree.


Any website visitor registered as a Client may place an offer on IBFS.WORLD as a prescribed format order by preliminarily specifying the list of the required services, price and deadline.

The prescribed period during which an offer may be accepted is 3 calendar days.

A contractor may accept an offer, including by offering a new price or shorter turnaround time. An offer may be accepted by several Contractors. All acceptances shall be posted on the website and no acceptance made after the expiry of the above mentioned period shall be posted.

A client may choose between acceptances in the event that several acceptances have been made. After an appropriate acceptance is selected, the services contract shall be deemed to have been executed.

Should no acceptance be made within the said period, a client may post a new offer.

The text of the service contract between website visitors is available on the site at ' Operating Procedure' and is suggested to be entered into between a Client and a Contractor who are registered as such on the website.

The terms and conditions of such contract may be amended as agreed between the client and the contractor solely as regards the scope of services and the exhibit to the contract in which the parties shall detail the services to be provided, timing and prices.

The execution of a contract between a client and a customer establishes settlement conditions between the Client and the Contractor involving IBFS in respect of the contract executed between them:

            Furthermore, IBFS shall perform the function of a tax agent and withhold necessary taxes from amount to be remitted to the Contractor where the contractor is an individual, remit so deducted amount to budgetary authorities and pay all necessary funds to extrabudgetary funds;

This procedure shall also apply to situations where IBFS group acts as contractor under a contract executed between a Client and Contractor. In such case, no trilateral agreement shall be deemed to be executed and the parties' relations shall be governed by this procedure to the extent of offers and acceptances and by the relevant bilateral agreement.