Rules for using website

These Rules shall be binding on all users of the website.  The fact that a user has been registered on the website shall constitute the user's consent to be bound by the Site Usage Rules.1

1. Main terms and definitions

For the purposes of these Rules, the following terms shall have the following meanings:

Site shall mean all web pages posted in the Internet featuring the same topic and, design and sharing the same address range of the domain.

Site User (User) shall mean any person (client, professional, advisor, expert) registered on the Site who has acceded to the Procedure Agreement of IBFS World and registered on the Site in the manner prescribed by the Site Administration

Contractor/professional shall mean a professional, advisor or expert who has registered on the Site.

Client shall mean a registered Site user who has requested any service.

Site Administration (Administration) shall mean the persons authorized the Site's owner to manage or administer the site and do other acts associated with the use thereof.

User account shall mean the Site's section accessible by a User after registration via which the User will manage his or her account (record entry, portfolio).

Profile shall mean a user's profile in the Site's data base containing the user's details, login and password as well as other functions of the Site accessible by the user.

Service shall mean a service which has been paid by a Client in advance (advance payment), for which a professional may receive a fee (consideration) in the manner prescribed by the Site Administration. The service shall be provided in the format of advice or explanations, drafting of documents of a legal nature, assistance in the exercise of other rights or performance of obligations of the Client.

2. General provisions

These Rules were developed by the Site Administration and establish procedures to be complied with when using or developing the Site as well as rights and duties of its Users and Administration. These Rules shall also apply to relations associated with rights and interests of third parties, not being Site Users, but whose rights and interests may be affected by acts of Site Users.

A User shall be obliged to read this User Agreement in full before registering on the Site. Pursuant to Article 438 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation (RCC), a User's registration on the Site shall constitute the User's full and irrevocable acceptance of these Rules.

The Rules are drafted by the Site Administration and may be amended or altered at any time without a prior notice to site users. A new version of the Rules shall come in force form the time they are published on the Site. The Site Administration recommends Users to regularly check the terms and conditions of this User Agreement for any alterations and/or amendments. 

3. User's Site registration

To be able to use the Site's functions and services, a User must pass a registration procedure resulting in the creation of unique profile.

When registering, a User shall agree to provide true and full information about him or her by answering the questions contained in the Registration Form in his or her User Account and update such information in due course.

In the event that knowingly false/incomplete information is provided, the Administration may block or delete your user profile.

The Administration reserves the right to request you to confirm your data specified during registration at any time and ask you to provide supporting documents, a failure to provide which may constitute, at the Administration's absolute discretion, the provision of false information and entail appropriate implications.

By acceding to these Rules via Site registration, User consents to his or her personal data provided during registration or posted voluntarily on the User's personal page being processed by the Administration. A User's personal data shall be processed in accordance with the law of the Russian Federation. The Site Administration shall make all necessary steps to protect a User's personal data from unauthorized access, amendment, disclosure or deletion. The Administration shall provide access to a User's personal data on a need-to-know basis only to those of its employees, contractors and agents who need to know such data to ensure that the Site functions and provide the User's with appropriate Services. The Site Administration may use the information provided by a User, including the User's personal data, to ensure compliance with the requirements of the applicable law of the Russian Federation (including prevention and/or suppression of illegal and/or unlawful acts of Users). Any information provided by a User may be disclosed only in accordance with the applicable law of the Russian Federation at the request of a court or law enforcement agencies and in other cases contemplated by the law of the Russian Federation.

No User may make multiple Site registrations. In the event that several profiles belonging to the same User are discovered, the Site Administration may suspend the relevant registration or block the User's access to the Site without a prior notice.

Any transfer of profiles or profile registration details to third parties is prohibited. One profile shall belong to one person.

4. Rights and duties of the Administration

The Site Administration shall manage the Site on a daily basis, determine what functions are offered by the Site, the Site's structure and appearance, grant or restrict access to the Site and exercise other rights conferred thereon.

The Site Administration shall address matters associated with the use of the Site for commercial purposes, in particular, placement of advertisements on the Site, participation in partner programmes, etc.

In the event that a User breaches these Rules, the Administration may temporarily suspend or restrict the User's access to the Site or its individual services without a prior notice, and where the User commits several breaches or admits a gross violation of the Rules, the Site Administration may delete the User's profile. The fact that the Site Administration has blocked a User's profile shall not authorize the User to register another profile on the Site.

As regards the functioning and development of the Site, the Site Administration shall be guided by the law of the Russian Federation, this User Agreement and other dedicated documents which may be developed or adopted by the Site Administration to regulate the procedure of providing the Site's individual services to Users.

5. Rights and duties of a User

A User shall keep his or her login and password information in secret. A User shall be personally liable for the confidentiality and safety of his or her login and password information as well as for potential losses which may be suffered if a third party gains unauthorized access to the User's profile.

A User shall forthwith notify the Site Administration of any event when his or her profile has been comprised. The Site shall not be liable for any potential damage inflicted on or suffered by you due to a third party acquiring unauthorized access to your profile.

A User may upload to the Site his or her personal information, post new orders and proposals and enjoy the existing services offered by the Site in accordance with the Rules and procedures published on the Site.

6. Requirements to posting an order (service request)

A service order shall be posted in the appropriate section of the Site only.

The order must specify specialization/area to which the service pertains.

When an order is posted, it is recommended to complete all fields in the form.

"Price" field. The price must be specified in Russian Rubles: If the client finds it's difficult to specify the exact price of a project or wishes to receive different quotations, timings and other parameters from several Users, then the "Price" field may be left empty.

7. Service requirements

All services offered by professionals through the Site must aim: to assist a Client, protect his or her legitimate rights and interests or achieve a positive effect for a Client. It is prohibited to provide services or communicate with a Client on the Site without considering these goals.

Any communication between a professional and a Client when providing a service shall be done solely using the Site's interfaces and program functions. It is prohibited to provide services to Clients by-passing the Site (via email, messengers, invitation of a professional to office, etc.) or establish conditions contradicting these Rules, save for the following cases:

The services which may not be provided remotely are listed below:
— representation of a Client in court, government authorities and in relations with third parties.

In the event that two or more Clients unreasonably refuse to use a professional's services, the Site Administration reserves the right to block the professional's profile.

The contents of services constituting advice or explanations must meet the following requirements:

Any advice given by a professional must be based on the provisions of the Russian law or law of another appropriate jurisdiction, rules of international law (depending on the Client's situation/matter) and/or existing court and law enforcement practice.

The text of a professional's advice must be proprietary, unique and represent a result of the professional's intellectual activity or professional experience. It shall be allowed to use, when preparing advice, the works of other professionals, authors and scientists subject to compliance with the provisions of copyright protection laws and rules set for citing intellectual property items.

It shall be allowed to annex to the text of a professional's advice various e-documents, files, photos, etc. provided that they facilitate achieving appropriate service goals.

Any advice must be:

8. Final provisions

Any use of the Site constitutes the User's accession to these Rules and their full and unconditional acceptance.

If the User disagrees with the Rules, he or she must stop using the Site.

For a User's failure to comply with these Rules, the Site Administration may issue a warning and temporarily or permanently block the User's profile.